Signs You Need to Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner


Signs You Need to Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpets are designed to hide dirt deep in the pile, so when the dirt starts to become apparent vacuuming has transitioned from an easy chore to something harder. On top of that, no matter how much you clean it yourself, the appearance of the carpet may never improve, leading you to replace your carpet much sooner than you might otherwise do so. By properly maintaining your carpet and taking advantage of professional services you could extend your carpet’s life from three to five years. Sometimes its too late and you may need to get rid of your old carpet. For junk removal services you may with to hire a skip in your local town. You can do that by using a skip hire company; the cheapest skips can be found at There are some stains that cannot be saved


Extremely Stubborn Stains


Spills happen, and some of the worst ones involve everyday items like tea; coffee; wine; chewing gum; grease, fat and oils; chewing gum; ink, and chocolate. Even if you treat the stain as soon as possible, evidence of it might linger, particularly on pale carpets as they absorb colour more easily.


Unpleasant Smells


A strange smell that lingers for a long time can be a sign of hidden danger. As a child, this writer moved from a relatively new suburban area to a house that was around ninety years old. Within a few months of our move we started to notice a very strange smell in that room. The air smelt vaguely of mushrooms for well over six months, but we thought nothing of it. After an accident involving a chair and a dog ended up in torn carpet we saw, to our horror, black and white mould covering the underside of our carpet!


Clearly the previous occupants hadn’t been taking care of their house, and it was now our mess to clean up. We needed the floorboards professionally cleaned, and the entire house had to be inspected in case the mould had spread elsewhere. Thanks to that, we had to pay for new carpeting in every room but the kitchen and bathroom, as an extra precaution though, thankfully, there were no signs of mould elsewhere in the house.


Learn from this writer’s experience and get your carpet professionally cleaned if there’s an unidentifiable, lingering smell in a room. There was another warning sign we missed: the smell got stronger the closer we got to the floor. In our defence: both my parents came from spotlessly kept homes and this was the first time they’d ever encountered the problem in person and they put it down to the age of the house.


Additionally, if you have pets, then the chances of an unpleasant smell could come from a build up of dander in the depths of the carpet or things they track in and out of the house.


Sneezing, Sniffles, Watery Eyes and Sore Throats


If you constantly have signs of minor allergic reactions such as this, your carpeting could be the source of most of your problems. Carpets are a haven for insects, dust mites, fleas, dander and other possible allergens. If multiple people in your family start displaying allergy symptoms at once, it may be your carpet’s fault.


On top of this, you have to worry about ticks. Texas is home to four different types of tick and the only way they get enter your home is being being tracked in. Ticks are carriers of multiple diseases, including Lyme disease. Ticks are so small that a single mouse can house over a hundred ticks with ease, and the chances of them being in your yard or home increase massively if you have a pet, bird feeder or a damp, shady area nearby.


If you have ever found a tick on your pet or even on your person, act quickly and get your carpets cleaned as soon as you can before the infestation spreads out of control. In addition, call in a pest control group.




Have you ever moved a large piece of furniture and found out that the carpet under it is lighter and looks bouncier than the rest of the carpet? No matter how often you vacuum your carpet dust and dirt can still work its way deeper into the carpet than can be easily reached. That leads to a slow darkening of carpet that you can’t notice from day to day.


If there’s significant discoloration in your carpet after doing the furniture test, then you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company to revive your carpet.


Obvious Wear and Tear


It might be a little obvious, but if your carpet is starting to look worn down or faded, then it’s probably time to get a professional cleaning done. We suggest you should get your carpets cleaned once a way, but for families with active lives or pets, doing it twice a year would be better.


You’re Thinking About Buying A New Carpet


Maybe you’re ready to give up on your carpet. It’s got too many stains, it looks faded and dirty, or something else. Instead of going through the effort of ripping up your carpet and laying down a new one (or paying for someone to do it for you), try having a professional cleaner come over. It’s surprising how much a cleaner with specialized tools and equipment can improve your carpet in just a few hours.


It might cost a bit of money, but it’s significantly cheaper than getting new carpet and laying it.




As we’ve outlined, sometimes the best option is to bite the bullet and hire a professional crew in order to save money in the long run. Mould, allergies, ticks and significant damage to your carpet are all serious things that could lead to much larger problems or costs further down the line.


Carpet cleaners offer other services as well. We can also

  • clean area rugs
  • clean upholstery
  • clean leather
  • clean tile, stone and grout
  • renew your countertops
  • clean up water damage



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