MGI Golf Remote Controlled Golf caddy

MGI Golf Remote Controlled Golf caddy

A Remote Controlled Golf caddy is a battery-operated mini-vehicle or a cart-style caddy. It follows behind the golfer, carrying his bag of golf clubs for him. The mini-vehicles are hands-free models and the cart-style caddies are remote control models.

Hands-free remote golf caddy:

The golfer should wear a small transmitter on his or her belt to use a hands-free remote golf caddy and the caddy uses the transmitter as a guidance signal to follow the golfer. With no handheld control to use, and no manual steering or guiding, you can just walk the course and let the caddy follow behind.

This caddy is designed to stay about six feet behind the golfer, whether climbing up or down. It has electromagnetic brakes to make sure that the caddy stops or slows when required. Its dual omni-directional horsepower electric motors provide efficient pull and also allow the vehicle to move sideways as well as forward or back.

The transmitter is about the size of a pager and the communication between the transmitter and caddy is stable over bridges, through tunnels, or in any kind of weather. This golf caddy can hold one golf bag and has various storage compartments and holders for accessories like tees, balls, scorecard, pencil, and beverages. There is also a compartment for a purse or backpack, and a built-in seat for taking a rest. The transmitter has a push of a button which stops the caddy so that you can pull a club out or take a rest.

The hands-free remote golf caddy is a three-wheeled mini-vehicle with a “side-car” type shape. Other remote golf caddies are similar to a simple pull carts fitted with motors. It has an antenna near the handle, and is controlled by a hand-held device that must be pointed at the antenna to move the cart.

In order to transport the golf caddy to the course, a small trailer with a drop gate might be required. However, you can roll the caddy into and out of the trailer by engaging the transmitter and adjusting the trailing distance.

Cart-style remote golf caddy:

This type of golf caddy folds away like a standard golf cart and can fit in most standard size trunks or the back of a SUV.

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